The Light of the World

This is a blog dedicated to Jesus Christ.

“I’m blessed because everyday for the rest of my life, when I get up in the morning I can choose to be loved. I can talk to God, read words of wisdom and encouragement, then ask for an opportunity to pass on the love I’ve been given.”

—   xo littlelacelight (via littlelacelight)

Just as a little note, I will not be on tumblr most likely for the next two weeks as I am going on excavation and it happens to be in the middle of nowhere! So don’t miss me too much, I’ve got a lovely queue set up for you all and if you message me, please don’t be offended if I don’t reply. I am going to the scary place of no phone signal and no wifi. Horrifying, I know. 


We are created in God’s image: God is not created in an image of human hatred. 


Keep running to Jesus. 


Keep running to Jesus. 

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John 3:30

We really should be doing better as Christians. Yes, we’re imperfect and we still trip up and sin, but we could be doing so much more to change the world. We could shine a light through our love and let the gospel illuminate. We could be doing a ton more loving. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not doing enough.

Oh lord, let us be vessels for mercy not malice, compassion not apathy, love not hatred. Let us not turn a blind eye, make us see injustice head on. When our tongues move to say, “I cannot help”, make them instead, “how can I serve you?” When we turn our noses up at someone, tilt our heads down in humility. When we ignore the cries of the oppressed and impoverished, let us instead heed their call. When we won’t comfort another because we’re too busy judging, make our shoulder the place they can cry on. Lord, please let us be more like You.